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Supplying the best wall-to-wall carpets for your office, hotel, or commercial space.

Broadloom Carpets to Elevate Any Interior Spaces

A broadloom carpet is a large one-piece carpet woven on a wide loom. These carpets are sometimes also referred to as tufted carpets. Commonly installed wall-to-wall, broadloom carpets are beneficial to create a more seamless, cohesive look for the room without any cut areas that can fray, snag or lift. Broadloom carpets can be cut down to smaller sizes, finished along the edges, and made into area rugs or carpet runners.

Seamless Look
Seamless Look

Many clients agree that plush, wall-to-wall carpet installations have a look of luxury, and feel softer underfoot.

Wide Variety of Designs
Variety of Choices

Broadloom carpets can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from synthetic fibres to natural wool in many different colours and patterns.


Cutting a broadloom carpet roll into a broadloom area rug can be more cost-efficient than buying pre-made rugs, with the benefits of customising unique carpet shapes to fit a space.

Improve Air Quality
Improve Air Quality

Broadloom carpets are one of the lowest VOC (volatile organic compound) emitting flooring options. It functions as a passive air filter, collecting dust and other particles and removing them from the breathing zone.

Flooring Solutions for Any Space

Victorex has years of experience in providing carpet tiles for all kinds of industry segments. Whether you need your flooring to enhance the workplace or provide guests with an exceptional experience, we have just the right products to fit your needs.

  • Offices
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Common areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Retail outlets
  • Libraries
  • And more
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Our Brands

Choose your carpets from our collections of in-house brands and international brands.

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Get high-quality carpets that meet international standards as well as your budget. Most of our products are imported and made from overseas, with all manufacturing principal practices adhering to strict quality control measures to ensure the best product to be offered to our clients. Victorex offers ready-stock carpet tiles in either square or plank format, broadloom carpets, rugs, and vinyl tiles. For clients looking for more customisation, Victorex also offers made-to-order custom carpets, developed to fit your requirements.

Certified to Meet Environmental Regulations

Victorex supplies and manufactures carpet tiles with consideration for the environment. Our products are industry certified to comply with the strictest green standards in floor coverings, helping you meet green building requirements while reducing the negative impact on the environment.

CRI Green Label Plus Certification

CRI Green Label Plus

Green Label Certification

SEC Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS)

NFS/ANSI 140 Certification

NSF/ANSI 140 Gold Certified

Singapore Green Building Product Certification

SGBC Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP)

Combining Design and Functionality

Victorex offers a wide variety of ready-stock collections and indent designs that can be made to order. Our designs are unique in the industry as we work closely with factories to determine the best carpet tile designs to meet market demands for offices, hotels, workplaces, and more.

Victorex Broadloom Carpet combining carpet colours gray sofa in a living room with antic decorations
Victorex Broadloom Carpet combining carpet colours with two white sofas and wine glass arranged horizontally

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