Resilient Flooring

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  • Interface Drawn Lines LVT in Amber colour in a pantry storage areaInterface Drawn Lines LVT in Aquamarine colour with a red rocking chair in the middle of a shooting studio

    Drawn Lines feature patterns inspired by the symbiotic relationship between hi-tech and hi-touch, marrying images of glitch graphics and technicolor circuitry with simple textures that recall plain woven fabrics and rugs. A repeating motif, a finely linear matrix, with softly pooling areas of light and dark, and no visible repeats. The Drawn Lines LVT collection offers a palette of neutrals and a few accents, with a touch of metallic threads that add shimmer and depth.

  • Victorex LVT 2.0 LVT in Beach colour bathroom with bathtub and scented plant top view.Victorex LVT 2.0 Collection LVT - LVT 2.0 Cement

    Achieve the durability and aesthetics of natural materials with LVT flooring. This collection of contemporary designs embraces the beauty in natural flaws and blemishes, offering bolder patterns to create a neutral, inviting space. They are also water-resistant and stain-resistant for easy maintenance.

  • Interface Studio Set LVT flooring in Mandarin, Ocean and Pewter colour in an educational centre.Interface Studio Set LVT in Pepper colour with 3 people in classroom.

    With Studio Set LVT flooring, we encourage you to embrace a saturated spectrum of daring brights and warm neutrals and take note of the subtle woodgrain pattern that suggests texture without demanding attention.