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An exciting sequence of intelligent designs, they have the power to move people emotionally through a space. Every detail of Works Atom works smarter to give greater versatility and drive value at the same time.

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Square Tiles

Square Tiles







Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction

Carbon Neutral Floors

Carbon Neutral Floors

Build-in Protection

Built-in Protection

Brand Name: Interface
Collection Name: Works Atom
Construction Type: Tufted Textured Loop
Yarn/Fibre: 100% Solution Dyed Nylon
Dye Method: 100% Solution Dyed
Machine Gauge: 12th Gauge
Tile Size: 50cm x 50cm
Warranty: 15 years

Yarn Manufacturer: Universal
Soil/Stain Protection: Protekt²®
Preservative Protection: Intersept®
Pile Thickness: 2.50 mm ± 0.5 mm
Total Thickness: 5.5mm ± 0.5mm
Backing Structure: GlasBac™
Area of Use: Commercial – General Use
Installation Methods: Ashlar, Brick, Monolithic

Inhibiting Bacterial and Mold Growth
with Intersept®

While it’s not possible to eliminate dirt and spills, Interface has its methods for reducing their negative consequences. Introducing Intersept® which protects Interface carpet tiles against a broad spectrum of molds, mildew, bacteria, and odour-causing microorganisms. It is especially effective at inhibiting bacterial and mold growth where carpet edges meet. We have built a safe and effective way for carpet tiles to last longer and stay fresher.

Minimise Noise Level Of A Space with
Interface Flooring

According to a study, noisy, distracting workspaces negatively impact the productivity, creativity, and enjoyment of office workers. Soft surface flooring such as our carpet tiles offers exceptional sound absorption, making it ideal for areas that require quietness for focus or privacy. Our carpet tiles with a GlasBac® backing come with Sound Choice acoustic backing, which effectively reduces impact sound by 16dB*, compared to hard floors that only reduce sound by 1-6dB.

*Tested in a controlled environment of a laboratory

Minimise Noise Level Of A Space with Interface Flooring

Built-in Protekt²®️ Technology In The Fiber For Long Lasting Stain Protection

In a topical stain-resist treatment, an additional polymer is added to the nylon during manufacturing to increase stain resistance. The results from the stain tests show that Interface uncoated fibers performed as effectively as the treated ones. Additionally, the fluorinated chemicals traditionally used in stain-resist treatments are not only short-lived – when they wash off, they remain insoluble in the environment for thousands of years. With Protekt², you get permanent stain resistance minus the damaging effects of environmental pollution.

Certified & Internationally Recognised As Carbon Neutral Product.

When you choose Interface flooring, you are on the path to creating a more sustainable space; you are choosing environmental health via a lowered carbon footprint option. This product is carbon neutral across its end-to-end product life cycle, verified through a third-party Carbon Neutral Floors™️ program.
(Read the Assurance Statement)

Singapore Green Building Product Certification

SGBC Certified

Green Label Certification

SEC SGLS Certified

CRI Green Label Plus Certification

CRI Green Label Certified

Biophilic Design for Occupant’s Well-being

Biophilic design incorporates nature into our built environment by creating inspirational and restorative places that connect people to their surroundings. As pioneers in sustainability, Interface advocates for biophilic design due to its essentiality to human health, which impacts happiness, creativity, and productivity at work.

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